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Once upon a time there was a girl who was asked a lot about memory sports. So she compiled a super ultra mega hyper exhaustive all-inclusive list of all the links she knew. The end. Hopefully.

For memory sports I don’t know what’s happening here, I haven’t tried it out but it’s the newest in memory sports and I’m excited. It looks awesome. It might be the only thing to take me out of my non-memory training days!!! – run by the kind Florian Dellé. Full of useful links, guides, interviews and more. When I was just starting out, I read most of the articles and it was a very helpful starting point. You can support Florian on Patreon. My memory records are not up to date here, but that’s the point of the next site: – maintained by the sweet Angel Lai. The world rankings list, the records, the competition points, score calculator, upcoming competitions and so much more can be found here. Every single official score is here for the research-savvy. – also by Hong Kong-based Angel Lai and her husband and fellow super-arbiter Andy Fong. Print out practice sheets that were used in official competitions, see upcoming championships in Asia and much more. – run by the amiable Michael Gloschewski. High score lists, practice all of the memory competition disciplines (not totally like the competition but close!). Some competitions like the US Open and the Swedish Open are run on memocamp. So, better get training… & – all about the competition with extremely short events, extreme competitors and 75000 dollars or more in prize money. – EXTREMELY helpful site to do faster memory training. 1 minute to memorize, 4 minutes to recall. Also, helpful if you’re just starting out to do the Images training. The only way to qualify for the Extreme Memory Tournament is also through this site.

Memory sports AND everyday stuff by the prolific Josh Cohen. Talk to the best of the best in this forum and use the software to train your memory. Helpful when starting out, helpful when stalking other memory competitors, helpful when you want to know how to memorize an opera. Just, really helpful in general.

Fantastic (memory) people and where to find them

Alex Mullen, current World Memory Champion and med student. Together with his med student wife Cathy Chen, they run where they have helpful tutorials for optimizing learning among other things. (My mom is an avid fan of the blog).

Ben Pridmore, 3X World Memory Champion. The man, the myth, the legend. Shares his thoughts on mind sports among other very niche things on

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad, Guinness world record holder, keynote speaker, neuroscientist and generally impressive man (voted sexiest competitor in the Chinese TV-show The Brain) – can be found at

Johannes Mallow, World Memory Champion and Extreme Memory Champion with all of his endeavors can be found at If there’s someone who knows about memory deeply, it is Johannes.

Jonas von Essen, 2X World Memory Champion and 3X Swedish Memory Champion (also world champion in robotics among other eccentric things) lectures all over Sweden. Currently has a funny MOOC at Charles Darwin University in English and Swedish memory lessons on his YouTube channel! (Check him out, I hear he does car commercials – in Australia!).

Luis Angel, Superhuman TV-show Champion, polyglot and fellow gangster runs Accelerated Empowered Mind. See his podcast, buy his book, follow him on social media and much more (like walking on fire. Why not?).

Nelson Charles Dellis, 4X USA Memory Champion and filmmaker who has summited more mountains and holds more US records than Muhammad Ali. His personal website is and if his story on there doesn’t make your heart melt already head over to his charity organization and donate to raise Alzheimer’s awareness. Do it!

Olakåre Risa, the unbelievably handsome (and happily married) Norwegian sensation and his projects can be found in Norwegian at!


Team Germany is a good place to start, which has its own memory training software as well!

Team Mongolia
The Teacher Khatanbaatar Khandsuren is so prolific I can’t even begin to describe all of what he and his army has achieved. He runs multiple schools within the Mongolian Intellectual Academy (in Mongolian of course), trains kids as young as 2 years old in matters like memorizing decks of cards, solving rubik’s cubes blindfolded and doing well in kindergarten/school/work/(life?). Most of his team have also been taught by the very cool Battulga Baasandorj who teaches with a heart of gold.

Team Sweden
For all matters related to Team Sweden, The Swedish Memory Open and all of its impressive achievements, is the place to go. Run by the founder of the Swedish Memory Sports council Idriz Zogaj who has a Tedx Talk with millions of views.

Team USA
For info on how to compete at the US Championship (currently only available to US citizens) go to

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